A quick trip to Shelburne & Charlotte this morning produced the

At Shelburne Bay, the usual Common Mergansers and Goldeneyes, Mallards,
and several hundred Canada Geese.  Unusual (or early, at least) was a
Ring-Billed Gull with a bright red gape and several others with the gape
starting to turn red.  Breeding plumage on March 1?  That's not what the
book says!

Shelburne Town Beach offered a few Bufflehead and Black Ducks in
addition to the C. Mergs and C. G-eyes.  Charlotte Town Beach had pretty
much the same.

The highlight of the morning was a Northern Harrier cruisin' low over
the fields to the east of Bostwick Rd. in Shelburne.  I drove along
beside him for at least 3/4 mile (and made one truck driver very angry)
before he (the bird, not the driver) veered east into trees at the
Charlotte town line.

With all the unusual activity of this winter, one has to wonder what
March will bring...

Good birding, everyone!


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