Steltor has released a new version of CorporateTime for Windows.
CorporateTime 6.0 for Windows 98, 2000, and XP Professional

Important: Windows 95 is no longer supported by Steltor.*

To download:

Brief instructions:
Download and run the self-extracting executable (ct600_setup.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have a previous version of CorporateTime 6.0 on your machine, the new version will simply install over it. If you have a previous version of CorporateTimeŽ on your machine, you will be asked whether you want to remove it or leave it on your computer. 

New features and functionality include:

  a.. Access Rights can now be assigned to multiple users in one operation. 
  b.. Daily Notes and Day Events now support details and attachments. 
  c.. Open a Group View containing the agendas of the people invited to a particular meeting by right-clicking on a Meeting and selecting Open Group View. 
  d.. The redesigned Event Editor lets you quickly create and edit events within a single dialog box. With this new organization, adding an additional date to your meeting is now achieved with a single click. The Repeating Meeting dialog has also been redesigned to simplify the process of repeating meeting creation. 
  e.. All user preferences are now centralized and organized in a new Options dialog. Within this dialog, users can modify the defaults of all configurable preferences related to settings for their Agenda display, In-tray display, Entry defaults, Scheduling choices, off-line set up, wireless services, Address Book organization and a number of General preferences including date, time zone, and startup settings. 
  f.. Color printing is now available according to your specified Color Settings. 
User interface
  a.. The redesigned toolbars, updated default color schemes and reorganized menus give CorporateTime a new look and feel. 
  b.. Customize Meeting colors according to any scheme, to fit your desktop or attitude. 
  c.. You can save the state of your windows at any time, to have CorporateTime open in exactly the state you choose. 
Reminders and notification
  a.. E-mail notification of events now include the title of the event in the subject field. 
  b.. When you modify or delete instances of a repeating Meeting, only affected instances will be listed in the mail message. 
  c.. When you modify or delete instances of a repeating Meeting, by default only invitees for the affected instances will be notified by e-mail. 
  d.. Reminders are now available via e-mail and SMS. 
  e.. Reminders can now be snoozed one at a time.

Information from Steltor regarding this release:

If you have questions, feel free to contact [log in to unmask] or the Computing Help Line at [log in to unmask] or 6-2604.


* If you are using Windows 95, don't install CorporateTime 6.0. Be aware the UVM will not support Windows 95 after June 30. See the Information Technology Standards announcement of April 2001 for