Instant Noodles for Astronauts
April 16, 2002 9:17 am EST

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Nissin Food Products Co is
determined to develop the ultimate fast food for hungry
astronauts -- space-safe instant noodles.
A team of 10 experts from Japan's biggest instant noodle
manufacturer will develop a cup and other means of
preventing noodles from flying in different directions
when confronted with zero gravity, the Osaka-based food
company said.

Nissin hopes to have the noodles ready in time for the
launch of Japan's work to connect a research structure
to the International Space Station now being built by 15

"We will develop the ultimate instant noodle product,"
Kyodo news agency quoted a Nissin official as saying.

Instant noodles require the hungry consumer just to add
boiling water to noodles and spices in a polystyrene