First let us be clear. The original review posted on our list serve was abusive. Just look at the review and its language. This is not an invitation to discussion but a dismissal of a contrary view. Second as many many commentators have pointed out over the last 25 years, these kind of evolutionary arguments can explain anything from aggression to xenophobia. That's part of the fun no doubt.

But there are significant aspects of human life that do not have a genetic component to their variation and as such are outside the evolutionary paradigm full stop. One of them is the variation in human languages. There are perhaps 30,000 human languages. There is no genetic component to this variation. It is entirely cultural. What else might be just  like language in its variation?  Well the trouble with evolutionary psychology is that its advocates not only do not recognise its limitations but in general make the mistake of assuming that if a trait exists it must be adaptive. That's where the fun starts.  But It just not true. Alas poor Darwin indeed. The Roses and their contributors know exactly what they are talking about.
Joe Schwartz