I don't know, of course, whether you collect butterflies and maintain a
reference collection, or whether you only "watch" them. But here's what I
would like to suggest you do:

Keep an alert eyeout on these spring "Black Swallowtails", especially in
either the Upper Transition or lower Canadian Zones, if they are flying into
and through the woodlands. I have had for some time a suspicion that some of
them, inside the forest, might be Ozark Swallowtails. If you are interested
in this at all, and also if you might be willing to collect a few "vouchers"
for either of us, let me know and I'll give you some of the field marks to
distinguish the Black Swallowtail (polyxenes) from the Ozark Swallowtail

The occurrence of joanae in New England, of course, is a longshot, but I
have found suspicious specimens in sw Ontario and also in eastern Mass., far
beyond its known range at this time.


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> Hello,
> Actually, I have seen three Black Swallowtails so far this season, and
> earlier dates than last Thursday.  Two were seen at the bottom of Mt Philo
> (priority block 3) on May 4th, and one in Charlotte (priority block 6) on
> May 5th.
> Also, Meadow Fritillary at Shelburne Farms on May 8th.
> Sharon Riley
> Shelburne