>In case you didn't catch this on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, you can
>read it here:
>Comments anyone?

Yeah, a few.

1. The tradition of silence in a library ought to be abandoned.

Now how many of us truly work in a quiet library? When I've got a group of
students in here, it can get pretty loud. Do I care? Nope. They're here,
they're studying, they're working together. I'm not about to shush them. We
have quiet study areas if needed.

2.Publishers should print books in just a few sizes - perhaps three. Look at
this mess of books.

Okay, from now on I'm only going to buy blue books that are 8 1/2 X 11.
Content isn't important as long as my library is pretty. By the way,
libraries don't publish books, we just buy them.

3.There are too many blank pages at the beginning and end of most books

Again, not our doing. Sounds like Andy ought to have directed this piece
toward publishers instead of us.

4.I have written 12 books now. This is the last one "My War." Having people
take one of my books out of a library does nothing for me.

Mental note: do not buy Andy Rooney's book for library - it does nothing for

5.Publishers should print the title of a book on the back parallel to the
shelf, not perpendicular to it.

Especially on those books that are pencil thin of course.

6.I would exclude books of fiction from a library. A library should be used
for information, not entertainment. Go to the movies!

Just shut up Leann, just shut up. Anything you say will not be very nice.

7.While I oppose capital punishment, anyone caught cutting a page out of a
book in a library should be put to death.

Okay, one I agree with. How about that?

8.I would do away with dust jackets.

Um, I usually just take them off when I'm reading the book.

9.Oliver Wendell Holmes said. "Every library should try to be complete on
something, if it were only the history of pinheads."

Yeah, but most of our patrons don't want the same topic.

10.It is a sexist thought that I know that some of you will object to, but
mechanics, prize fighters and garbagemen should be men. The best librarian I
know is a man but I like mothers, nurses and librarians to be women.

Oh forget it.

Leann "when did libraries become a bad thing" Isaac
Jameson Health System
New Castle PA
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