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The simplest way to track hours is with a PDA.  For a cheap solution, use
the Datebook to enter the times when you start and end a project. View the
results in Week view to actually see what you're doing.  Use Print to get a
hard copy.

Use a spreadsheet on your PDA (Documents to Go or QuickSheet), that will
sync with Excel.

For applications designed for time tracking, try Timesheet (free),
PunchClock (free) or the professional's tool -- HourzPRO ($50US; support,
features, desktop suppport).

At 06:34 5/8/02, Marsha Maslove wrote:
>As an addition to yesterdays question re compiling statistics I'm looking
>for similar information. Does anyone no of software available to record
>usage statistics. I'm particularly interested in software that provides
>turnaround time or anything that records the amount of time spent on
>individual requests. If anyone out there has any suggestions or ideas,
>your help would be much appreciated.
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