Hi Medlibbers:

Does anyone have a copy of Rheumatology News or Rheumatology News
International, published by Academy Professional Information Services or
Academy Communications?  It is probably a controlled circulation
periodical, and may have ceased publication in the 1990s.  If it is not
possible to loan me a full issue, I could still use a fax of the cover
page, the masthead, table of contents, and one of the lead articles.  I am
willing to pay up to $20 for your work, and if you are able to provide a
complete issue, pay for Federal Express.

I will be out of the office tomorrow and Friday, but look forward to
hearing from you when I return.

Thank you,

Joanne M. Berger
Research Manager
Intl. Medical News Group
Rockville, MD
(301) 816-8747
(301) 816-8738 (fax)
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