Here is the survey we've just sent out. I got many of the ideas by searching the Medlib-L archives.
Lucy Thomas

Please complete and return to Reeves ASAP. Thank you for helping us help you!

USAGE - please circle choice
                1.      How often do you come into the library for any purpose, incl. meetings?
                a)      daily    b) weekly    c) monthly    d) a few times a year    e) rarely    f) never

                2.      How often do you access the library databases (Infotrac, OVID, MDConsult, etc.) from a location outside the library?
                a)      daily    b) weekly    c) monthly    d) a few times a year    e) rarely    f) never

                3.      How often do you request library information  by phone, FAX, e-mail, interoffice mail, etc.(i.e. in the café, hallway, parking lot) ?
                a)      daily    b) weekly    c) monthly    d) a few times a year    e) rarely    f) never

                4.      Did the Reeves Library appearance, services,  and/or staff affect your decision to come to Cottage?
                a)      definitely     b) somewhat    c) not at all

Which are the most important resources/services of the library to you? Please circle (1= very important, 2=somewhat important, 3=not important)
Place to study, read  -  1        2        3
After hours access  - 1        2         3
Collection of books - 1        2         3
Collection of journals - 1       2        3
Meeting room, place to confer with colleagues - 1        2        3
Ambiance - comfortable furniture, peaceful space - 1        2        3
Computers on which to access information, create presentations, etc. - 1        2         3
Getting materials / articles not held in the library (Interlibrary Loan) - 1         2       3  
Information / consultation services / expertise of the staff - 1        2       3
Other (please specify)_____________________________________(use back if necessary)

If I could change something about the present library, it would be  (check all that apply)
_____Longer day and/or weekend hours
_____Bigger collection - more books, journals, audio & video tapes 
_____More electronic resources in the library (computers, software programs, scanners, etc.)
_____More or better remote access to electronic resources
_____More training in use of electronic resources
_____Online research & reprint request capability
_____More space to study - larger tables
_____Carrels with network access
_____More photocopy machines
_____Computer training room
_____Group study room(s)
_____More staff to help
_____PDA transfer ports / cradles
_____Electronic or Remote training programs - orientation
_____Closer proximity to work / patient care areas
_____Other (please specify)_____________________________________(use back if necessary)


Lucy B. Thomas, Director
Reeves Medical Library
Cottage Hospital
P.O. Box 689
Santa Barbara CA 93102
Ph: 805-569-7240; 
 FAX: 805-569-7588
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