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|Stuck your head in to The Ski Market lately?

I hope not.  The one on Comm Av. nicely removed shallow base gouges
from my Atomics with multiple passes over the grinder.  They were so
proud of the super-smooth bases, while I lamented the loss of 2/3 of
my edges and P-Tex.  >:-O

There IS one springtime wax solution if you're stuck with
snowboard/snowlerblade retailers who don't carry the standard bars of
wax.  Spray-on snowboard wax is great for preventing violent
faceplants in variable wet snow.  It only lasts a run or two, but
that's enough for a sloppy b/c descent.  You can also iron some 32-50F
HC wax on top of it, scrape, structure, and get a wicked-slick slush
surfing finish.

Too slick for touring, in fact, unless you want to skate and
herringbone the whole way...


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