>From:         Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]>
 Subject:      Re: Car assisted next weekend

>>Matt the evil one sez:
 >Relax, Denis.  The Auto Road people don't care if you use it to ski the

>Um, Matt, he wants to keep as much as possible for himself. Denis doesn't
 care about the auto road people, he just doesn't want to share the goods
 with the gomers.<

Correct.  I don't want to share it with the entire wired world.  I am
happy to share it with the List which is the reason why I posted.  It is
not a place that could handle Tuck's like crowds.  Neither is Tuck's for
that matter, but nothing we can do about that.  Ranger Renson has my
respect for trying.

I'm off to Boulder for a couple of days on business.  No skiing this time.
 Would probably have made the effort in a normal year but I think even
A-basin isn't worth it now.  Don't know about Berthoud Pass, but next
winter I intend to find out.

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