Eric Morton wrote:
> Marc provided a trail map to the Alton "Alps"...
> Wow!  In addition to the oddity of the amazing lift to real trail ratio,
> I notice something else interesting on this trail map.  It appears that
> you can park at either the top or the bottom, is this correct?  I've
> heard of upside down ski resorts, but never bi.  Are there any others?

Since I recently escaped from Minnesota, I'm probably the person on the
list with the most days spent at Afton Alps.  Great thrill, trust me.
Afton reminded me a lot of Killington.  At least, it had all the things
I don't like about Killington (lots of crowds as it is very close to
Minneapolis, and it seems you spend all your time trying to get from
point A to point B).  You could park at the top or bottom.  You got your
lift tickets at a toll both like place on the access road while you were
still in your car.  They had one fun trail with a "natural half pipe" on
it (a big ditch) but other than that it wasn't worth it.

Other Minnesota areas I found interesting - Buck Hill (which I think may
be closed now).  It was right off of the highway that looped around
Mineapolis.  There was a water tower next to the hill that had a greater
vertical drop than the hill did.  But I think Buck Hill was the training
ground for a large portion of the US ski team's slalom specialists a few
years back.

Lutsen Mountain way up north was pretty nice.  They may have the only
gondola in the state.  I even heard the gondola they had used to be at
Killington. 1000 vertical feet and a trail map that pointed out the
flatter areas so snowboarders wouldn't get stuck as easily (or could
avoid those areas).

Of course I'm biased towards Welch Village because A) I worked there as
an instructor and B) my picture was on their trail map one year.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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