It's really very simple. There was very little natural snow this year at MRG
or SB and neither one could make any snow. There were major thaws and major
rains. Tremblant makes a lot of snow and I was there during 2 snow falls. A
quick perusal of RSN boards will give you an indication of the unhappiness
with the conditions at both MRG/SB resorts. Smuggs is a different case but
for me If I'm there I'm at Stowe. The point in bringing up Tremblant in the
first place is that it is a good ski experience despite what Marc says and
when the exchange rate is factored in it is an awesome ski experience.

The point is that marc made a statement:

"So is Smuggs, so is MRG, but unlike Tremblant, these two have something to
do with skiing."

He can't back it up. and it's BS

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To preface my comments, my second middle name is not Tremblant, it's
Engelberg.  So I'm not going to even address the Tremblant bit.

That being said...

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Tag Gross wrote:

> Talk about saying anything to prove a point! Who cares about 5 year
> averages. THIS YEAR was a bad snow year. Where were the MRG totals?

Uh, hmmm...I was going to post the tally from, but
the site is down or something.  In lieu of their number we can substitute
SB's 169" with relative accuracy.  That SB # is from the Marc's post.

> This
> year Tremblant had better conditions than MRG was open more days and was a
> LOT cheaper and it was certainly much much cheaper than Smuggs.

Woah there Tag!  In your Annual Tally post, I didn't see any MRG days.  So
tell me, how do you know about the conditions being so worse?

> The bad raps on snow making
> and high speed lifts really are a misdirection that is used by people that
> are really putting down others who in essence they feel are not worthy of
> entering their exclusive ski world.

Uh, Tag, tihsllub.  My dad skis a couple days a year.  His favorite area?
MRG.  Why?  In large part, the uncrowded trails (something very unnerving
for beginners.  I know b/c I skied a great deal with my beginner sister
this year.  What does she not like?  Frozen granular and crowded trails.
Causes?  Snowmaking and high speed, high capacity lifts), and also the
natural snow.  Oh, and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and camraderie,
of skiers and workers alike.

> But I know that
> when I was at Tremblant I was not missing anything at MRG and I also know
> that I was getting a real bargain.

Maybe you were getting a bargain.  I'm sure you enjoyed your time at
Tremblant.  But how do you know you weren't missing anything at MRG????
You weren't there!

Tag I'm not disputing your Tremblant experience.  But you didn't ski at
MRG or Smuggs or SB...

As an aside, I skied MRG (1 day), Smuggs (1.5 days) and SB (1 day) this
year.  Every  one was memorable (especially thanks to, but not b/c of, the
other Skivittlers with me.

Johnny Z. E. Tucks

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