That must have been a nasty mess! I hope you had a towel something to sit on
in the car.  Wouldn't want to clean that mess up.


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over pavement.  I went roller blading last night and took a hard fall.
Got something caught in my wheel and it jammed.  Nothing serious but I am
going to have a technicolor hip for a few weeks.  Banged up my elbow too.
It could have been a lot worse since I was traveling at a good speed.
When I hit the pavement I was startled not to be hurting more.  Ripped a
big hole in my lycra shorts so I skated slowly back to my car with half of
a dirt & blood covered butt cheek hanging out.  My right forearm also
looked like an old fashioned barber pole.  Attracted a bit of attention at
the road crossings but nobody stopped to talk for which I was glad.
Pavement is nasty stuff, a lot harder than snow.

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