Yes, I nominate mine SU Kirsten, non-lister that she is.

Yesterday at work, she was exhibiting her cartwheeling skills (through a
doorway) when her hand got stuck in the door. The swelling on her hand
is much worse than the small cut...

She fell on Saturday of the Partee as she asked Jerm "Shall we head out
to that mogul trial?" Jerm's response (duh Kirsten) was "No, we stay in
these woods". Kirsten then fell while at a standstill causing her to
miss all the fun Sunday.

Biking last year, she went ass over teakettle over some boulders and
chewed up her lip and split a tooth. That was pre-insurance, kind of

She managed to get through an adventure race in New York City 2 weeks
ago unscathed...Though the same can't be said for a similar race 2 years
ago. Shoulder injury going over a wall.

Some years ago, an a$$hole pushed her off her bike on the road side
causing a minor injury.

The moral is: the more active you are, the more injuries. Stay at home
on the couch with occasional trips to the fridge for reeb and ya' prolly
won't get injured too often.

- Bruno

Marc Guido wrote:

> I nominate Denis for "Most Accident Prone Skivittler" -- does he even have any competition?

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