Volunteers are needed to help the Vermont Loon Recovery Project (VLRP) conduct loon surveys on Lake Champlain in 2002. 

 Volunteers can help with two different survey programs. 

First, the VLRP will be coordinating one large-scale survey on the morning of Saturday July 20 as part of Loonwatch day.   Each volunteer will be assigned a small section of the lake to survey between 6 am and 10 am before the mid-day winds pick up.  At least 30 volunteers with motorboats that can navigate the open waters of Lake Champlain will be needed.  Volunteers who conduct surveys by canoe, kayak, or from shore will be able to help out in the smaller bays and along shorelines.  In addition, the VLRP will need volunteer help on smaller lakes throughout the state of Vermont on the same day.  (see lake list below for unassigned lakes)

Second, the VLRP encourages people to survey parts of Lake Champlain and lakes in the Lake Champlain Watershed at any time from June through early August and record their sightings and location.

 Please contact Eric Hanson, the VLRP biologist, if you are interested in participating in these loon monitoring efforts at (802) 586-8064 or [log in to unmask].  The VLRP, a program of the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD), oversees the state’s loon conservation efforts.

Eric Hanson
Vermont Loon Recovery Project Biologist (a program of VINS and VFWD)
(802) 586-8064  PO Box 22, Craftsbury, VT 05826
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Unassigned lake list for Loonwatch day Saturday July 20, 8-9 am small lakes, 6-10 am large lakes
  Other lakes will become available as some volunteers from past years will not be able to help this year.
Western Vermont                                    Southern Vermont                                                  More surveyors needed for (need boat for all):

Abbey (Ripton)                                      Adams (Woodford)                                                             Bomoseen

                                                                 Gates (Whitingham)                                                      St. Catherine

                                                                Harriman (need a motorboat)                                  Sections of Lake Champlain

Black                                                       Hancock (Stamford0                                              Comerford Res.

Burr                                                         Haystack (Wilimington)                                          Moore Res.

Cedar (Monkton)                                    Potter or Barber (Pownal)

Sections of LAKE CHAMPLAIN                Raponda                                                                  Northern Vermont

Roads (Milton)                                       Sadawaga                                                                 Center (Newark)

Chipman                                                 Sherman                                                                  Charleston

Danby                                                     Townsend Res.                                                      Bald Hill

Spruce (Orwell)                                      Somerset Reservoir

                                                               Wantastiquet (Weston)                                         Clyde (Newport)

Emerald                                                   Ball Mountain                                                                Jobs (Westmore)

Hinkum                                                                                                                                   May (Barton)

Inman                                                      Central Vermont                                                  Neal (Lunenberg)            

Little (Franklin)                                      Bliss (Calais)                                                    Notch                                     

Little (Wells)                                           Curtis (Calais)                                                    Nulhegan

Perch (Benson)                                                                                                                   Unknown (Avery’s Gore)

Silver (Georgia)                                                                                                                    Wallace (Canaan)

St. Albans N & S (Fairfax)                                                                                                  Wheeler (Brunswick)

                                                                                                                                                West Mountain (Maidstone)


Eastern Vermont                                    

North Springfield                                   


Sunset (Marlboro)