About as perfect a day as possible at West
Rutland Marsh today. 9 of us tallied 61 species
(99 species since we began monitoring last

Highlights included:

Two families of Virginia rails (2 adults and 4
young in each group) including one family
crossing the road in front of us, the parents
urging the tentative chicks on.

A perfect view of a Canada warbler, with
accompanying song.

Also, 1 wood duck, 1 broad-winged hawk, 2
red-tailed hawks, 1 common snipe, 11 willow
flycatcher, 8 alder flycatcher, 2 least
flycatcher, 3 great-crested flycatcher, 2 eastern
wood-pewee, 8 marsh wrens, 7 warbling vireo, 1
blue-headed vireo, 4 red-eyed vireo, 1
chestnut-sided warbler, 3 American redstart, 1
ovenbird, 1 northern waterthrush, large numbers
of yellow warbler and common yellowthroats, 1
field sparrow, and 18 swamp sparrows.

"And what is so rare as a day in June?"

Susan Elliott

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