Dana, one way to prevent viruses from spreading is to use plain text when
sending messages, especially to newsgroups and maillists such as this.
These days, viruses and worms are spread usually in one of two ways:

1/ embedded invisibly in Rich Text (html) messages, which require  a virus
checker to catch (which it may or may not do).
2/ as an attachment to plain text (easier for us to see and delete without

Many people use Outlook Express, as Dana does, which has a default of Rich
Text for all messages.  Dana, your message was in Rich Text, the sort that
tends to pass on viruses and worms.  You can change the default by going
into preferences and changing the default to "plain text".  Another
advantage of using plain text is that messages transfer and download faster,
take up less bandwidth, and thus use fewer resources.

I think it is probably your responsibility to remove your address from this
list if you feel it is a problem.  I have never been infected on my home
machine, since it is my responsibility to ensure that it is protected.

Dayle Ann

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 > All,
 > Part of our responsibility when in social situations is to not
 > harm others. If you have smallpox, you shouldn't be out
 > socializing because of the contagion of the virus. The
 > responsible person vaccinates themselves, both to avoid getting
 > the bug, and to curb its virulence.
 > The same is true for newsgroups. There is an extremely
 > contagious virus out there now called the W32.Klez.H@mm virus.
 > It is a worm type of virus. The virus, and others of its ilk,
 > are spread via email address books in your computer. When you
 > are hit with the virus, it adds a few hidden files to your
 > computer that go through your list of addresses and sends
 > everyone on the list the virus, which is how it spreads. While
 > not particularly malicious & destructive, it is still a pain in
 > the ass. My computer became infected and crashed a few months
 > ago just because I had gone several weeks without updating my
 > antivirus info. Since then, I continue to be hit (but my
 > software catches it now!) with the virus from others that have
 > not taken the steps to keep their computer clean - probably
 > about 20 times now.
 > Do yourself and all of us online a favor and get a good
 > antivirus program, keep it updated, and run it in the
 > background. Otherwise, take my name out of your address books ; )
 > Thanks,
 > Dana C. Rohleder, O.D.
 > Port Kent, NY
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