Roy Pilcher wrote:
 > Coincidentally, this afternoon for the first time my wife and I watched a
 > downy woodpecker cling on to one of our Perky Pet hummingbird feeders and
 > proceed to drink long and lavishly from the contents...

Well, gee I thought I was seeing things, but maybe I wasn't.  About a week
after we first put up our new disk type hummingbird feeder, I saw a downy
perched at it and checking it out-- looked like it was trying to feed (not
successfully, as the design prevented it).  I guess maybe it was, after
reading your post.  It left when the male hummingbird "landlord" showed up.
Good thing-- I'd hate to see a battle between a woodpecker and a hummer!
LOL.  My money would be on the hummer.

Yesterday a hummer, not the same one, approached a male cardinal who was
sitting on the former dog line that serves as our feeder hanger, and
proceeded to poke his bill into the cardinal's tail feathers, backing off
and trying off several times.  Obviously a little confused about what
constituted a source of food!

The Cardinal looked over his shoulder as if to say "What in the world....?"
The hummer must have realized his error at this point, and flew to the
actual feeder (the one that DOES have sugar water in it).

We happened to catch the whole show, and were cracking up.  This is why
backyard birding can be a lot of fun.

Dayle Ann