Saturday, June 1, 2002.
Lake Bomoseen, Hubbardton, waterfowl monitoring from shore.
A regular monitoring of these wetlands produced: great blue heron (5), Canada
geese (34) of which 27 were goslings, wood duck (45) of which 32 were
ducklings, American black duck (1), mallard (10), bald eagle (2 one adult and
one juv. on 05/31/02), killdeer (1), alder flycatcher (2), yellow-throated
vireo (1), swamp sparrow (2).

On Loves Pond, adjacent to and flowing into L. Bomoseen, wood duck (15) of
which 13 were males.  Hopefully, the ladies were incubating eggs, ensuring
the next generation's proliforation.

On three occasions this observer had the pleasure mentally capturing some
delightful cameos of wood ducks with a phalanx of painted turtle sharing the
same log, 'hanging out', absorbing the warming rays of the sun.

Roy Pilcher,
Proctor, Vermont

Speaking the Same Language.