69 species for the census.  12 Warblers species including:
2 x Northern Parula
2 x Pine Warbler
1 x Yellow Warbler **

Nashvilles and Common Yellowthroats very quiet now. Overall the warblers are becoming less vocal and harder  to spot (Ovenbirds the exception of course!).   It was a day for Flycatchers, all singing their heads off enabling "Trail's" to be split with confidence.
2 x Olive-sided Flycatcher
2 x Eastern Wood-Pewee
4 x Alder Flycatcher
2 x Willow Flycatcher
1 x Least Flycatcher
2 x Easter Phoebe
2 x Eastern Kingbird

** Census 1st sighting of the year.

Also of note:
4 x Eastern Towhee (all singing)
2 x Indigo Bunting
4 x Veery (all singing)

Field Sparrows were silent.  Swamp  Sparrows were also much quieter.

The ever changing pattern is fascinating.

Census total for the year: 102
Corinth total for the year : 106

John Sutton