For those of you in the Montpelier area, there is a territorial Mourning Warbler in North Branch River Park. A male has been singing from the shrubby growth on the east side of the beaver ponds (located just over the other side of the footbridge from the VINS North Branch Nature Center on Route 12 in Montpelier). I've heard the bird singing there off and on since Memorial Day. Looks like it's going to stick around.
Also a Scarlet Tanager at the nature center today and a Snipe calling on Monday.
Cheers, Chip Darmstadt
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Hi Larry,

In case you haven't had a reply about the location of the Mourning Warbler on Mt. Philo - from the top, going on the "down" road:  there is a steep section at the beginning that takes a pretty good curve to the left - on the right side of the road just after the curve, back in the trees, the warbler has been singing consistantly for at least a week.  I have yet to see it however!  I will most likely be going up this weekend if you want to tag along.

Sharon Riley
p.s. you can drive up after 10am for $2.50, or walk earlier for nothing.