Hi Wes,

Glad I could help.  FWIW, if one were moved to erase the "ridiculous" posts
- probably many of mine - I would not be opposed either.  Maybe save that
for next round.  Thanks to UVM for not turning a deaf ear to our concerns.

Jay Pesci

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>Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 16:01:18 -0400
>>Geoff Devine wrote:
>>>>  From: John Ryder [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
>>>>  To: Geoff Devine
>>>>  Okay we'll keep them.
>>Yeah, after I softened him up with a Noo Yawk how-de-do.
>Yes. Many thanks to misters Pesci, Kulas, Devine, and Barron, and a
>tip of the hat to Mr Kusack. I saw that Dilbert, too, in the
>Burlington Free Press, and had the same thought. The Dilbert URL and
>all email messages in support of continuation of the archives were
>sent to the appropriate authorities, and our request was granted.
>We already took one hit, when the list moved from an old IBM System
>370 to it's current host back in July, 1993: the 1988 through July
>'93 archives have been lost to the winds of time.
>I do have a handful of my own posts to the list from January 1992 and
>beyond on file. This might be the oldest known post to SKiVt-L on
>At 1:43 PM +0000 1992-01-07, Wesley Alan Wright wrote:
>>To: skivt-l
>>From: Wesley Alan Wright <[log in to unmask]>
>>Subject: Stowe's New Gondola (long)
>>I was a big fan of the old gondola: I remember when it opened in
>>1968; I have the old original Stowe gondola poster from around 1970
>>on my bedroom wall; It was always my favorite late afternoon lift.
>>Saturday I had the opportunity to examine Stowe's new multi-million
>>dollar gondola. I went expecting to hate it: big, fancy, electric
>>doors, and heated seats for needlessly cold bunny butts. Not to
>>mention "recontoured" trails underneath.
>>Well, it wasn't all that bad. No line helped: I rode most of the day
>>by myself. Only once were the full 8-passengers crammed inside, but
>>it was no more cramped than 4 people in a regular gondola box
>>(execept for the snowboard punk that needed to smoke a cigarette).
>>And it didn't even breakdown (although there were a couple of
>>suspcious stops). Apparently, it's not quite running at top speed
>>yet: they're still in shakedown mode, but still the 2300 ft of
>>vertical was covered in about 10 minutes (a guess-- I had no
>>The recontoured trails were no big deal either. Near as I could
>>tell, all they did was flatten out one steepish section near the
>>bottom of the liftline (supposedly called Sepp's run, now, but still
>>referred to as Gondalier on the snow phones).
>>Meanwhile, some nice bumps were forming on the flatter sections of
>>Liftline (Quad Chair), and some familiar ice at the top of National.
>>At least some things haven't changed. Overall snow quality was
>>pretty good and spring-like (it rained all afternoon: strong
>>argument for gondola riding).
>>On uncrowded days, high-speed lifts rule! I cleared 34,000 vertical
>>feet. On a busier day, though, I would expect the number of buffoons
>>on the snow to make for an unbearable day. As a Mad River skier
>>might tell you, liftlines serve a purpose.
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