At 6:11 PM -0400 2002-06-10, Geoff Devine wrote:
>Dana Dorsett writes:
>>  UVM was still running a system 370 as late as 1993???
>Yeah, well that was the MIS side of UVM.  The students were never subjected
>to such ignomy.

Sorry to say, UVM still runs VM/CMS in the admin area. At, we read, "UVMVM is a Enterprise 2003/204
running VM/ESA and VSE/ESA. The system is primarily used for access
to the University's Financial and Human Resource Systems."

The 4381 ran from 1986 to around 1993. It ran next to UVMADMIN, the
administrative 4381, which was replaced by an ES-9000 when the other
4381 was dropped.

UVMVM was originally the Academic IBM, and served as our first BITNET
node. Yes, students of that day were subjected to that ignomy: check
the archive, and you'll see messages from [log in to unmask] . For
a while, it was a better email machine than the UVM academic VAX, and
was the system of choice until BITNET whithered away, we got our
first IBM RS-6000 (, and I discover pine (I tested
Pine on an Art student I worked with -- he liked it better than CMS

BITNET begat listserv software, and listserv  software begat SkiVt-L.
Thus, it is safe to say that skivt-l was virtually born on a Virtual
Machine (the VM in VM/CMS). I may have even had some REXX scripts
providing auto-feed data weather data back then, I can't remember
exactly. We sure as heck didn't have perl then.

That old 4381 got me my job, since I had VM/CMS experience on 308x
systems and knew my way around the IBM 5080 graphics terminal
employed by the CADAM computer aided design system, as well as some
bit of VAX experience (porting FORTRAN from VM/CMS to VAX/VMS).

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