Evril one Matt wrote:
>As I understand it, you MUST be moving TOWARD the door for the relevant
>physics to apply (I am checking to see what these details are).

That is correct. Blue shift occurs when an object is moving toward you (or
you toward it, but it's all relative ;-). It's like the Doppler shift in
sound waves - pitch goes up on approach. Higher pitch = shorter wavelength.
In light (as a wave function, not as quantum particles) shorter wavelength
= blue end of the spectrum.

No doubt the Professor springs this aspect of his sign on unsuspecting
Freshman in Physics 101.

Now if we really want to muck things up, the discussion above about moving
toward vs away from the door only applies under Euclidian geometry. In
other geometries, you would *always* be moving toward the door. And
remember that we're not considering the temporal changes that occur under
general relativity.

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