I thought I'd de-lurk for a moment and interrupt the physics discussion.  A
few days before the official start of summer I'm finally conceding that my
ski season is over.  Here's the score:

Jay 7
Blackcomb 4
Whistler 2
Stowe 2
Sugarbush 2
Okemo 2
Sugarloaf 2
Mt. Shasta, Calif. 2
Tuckerman Ravine 1
Total = 31 days

Some stats:
1) First day, Nov. 11; last day, May 26.  A week longer on both ends than
last year.
2) Days on phat skis: 8/31
3) Backcountry days: 3/31, not counting Nov. 11 at a very closed but very
fun and powdery MRG, and one of the Stowe days which involved a morning
trip to Hell Brook.
4) Days in Vermont: 20/31
5) Despite a relatively ski-deprived April (2 days, compared with 7 last
year), I had only 2 fewer days total this year than last.

Some observations:
1) Phat skis are phun and versatile.  I'm only disappointed that I didn't
get multiple pairs on the CMH deal, because they're a bit phragile.
2) Short skis are fun and versatile.  I don't miss the 10cm difference
between the phat and my other skis at all -- many more tight spaces I can
now squeeze through.  My next pair of "general use" skis will be both fat
and short.
3) Stowe is amazing.  I've only seen the tip of the iceberg, but it seems
like one could spend season after season there and not learn all the
secrets and find all the goods.  After hearing the stories, you can sign me
up for next year's partee now. . . .
4) Both Blackcomb and Whistler mountains are great, but the gnarl and the
food at Blackcomb are better.
5) Yeah, Jay has been totally found out by the pow hungry hordes, but this
season it seemed to have more and much better snow than places a few dozen
miles to the south.
6) Despite a less than stellar year for winter weather (except in June in
Boston -- I saw my breath last night lighting the grill), the quality of my
days on snow was the highest ever and I'm looking forward to more great
times and new experiences next season.


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