Regarding Brodie, its too bad that the skiing operation is, for now at
least, gnittihs the bed.  Yes, it was an okay hill, I went there a few
times, and it was great for learning/advancing etc.

Regarding the challenging terrain at Jiminy Peak, I think that the runs at
Jiminy are far more challenging (steeper, some more narrow runs) than that
found at Brodie.  I do believe, however, that Berkshire East contains
terrain which is more challenging than Jiminy.  I think it may have more
vertical as well, but I could be wrong.

I have always thought of the skiing industry in New England as similar to
farming.  Totally seasonal, largely contingent upon the weather, as well as
the moods and habits of the consumer.  Lets face it...people _need_ veggies,
cotton, wheat, etc.  Do they really _need_ to ski?  Aside from the 300-odd
derranged, dilusional, disoriented cheapo skiing dirtbags on this list
(present company strenuously included), no, people don't necessarily _need_
to ski.

Its such a risky business and bizzare industry.  I give mucho credit to
those who follow their dream and try to realize it, and feel badly for those
who fail.  Perhaps Brodie will again rise to the "Kelly's Irish Alps" status
it enjoyed in the 1970's and 1980's.  I do hope so, as I've never had the
opportunity to ski on green snow except for at Brodie....yellow, yes, but
not green.  My $0.02.


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>Brodie was purchest to remove the computision.
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