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 Subject:      Brodie/Jiminy Party

 One thought for skiing/boarding at Brodie for 2002/3 is they could let
 those who want to earn their turns- use the trails that are not used for
 snow shoeing. Charge the same as for snow shoeing. (Naturally 2-5-7
 passholders are not charged.)<

Great idea.  That is exactly how my favorite touring center got started,
see  It was a defunct lift served area and my buddy Chip
Chase started a touring center there about a decade later.  The open slope
that was its main trail, perhaps its only trail, is still there kept clear
by volunteer labor in summer and fall.  It's only about 700 vert. ft. It
would be single black for 150 ft. and blue below that if the ground were
bulldozed smooth and the snow were groomed.  Left in its natural state it
is a stern challenge on lightweight freeheel gear.  The top has some
serious undulations and a tree island and it's narrow, then it opens up.
Beyond this is a high plateau, then another 400 vert. ft. to the top of
Bald Mtn. at 4200'.  Over the 25 yrs. he has been there Chip has added 65
km of XC trails.  The clientele is about equally divided between flat
ground tourers and the "I only tour to make turns" :-))) crowd.  It is a
successful business model and will continue to be so long as the owner
never succumbs to big ambitions, putting in a lift or condos or any of the
other ambitions that put so many ski areas on the roller coaster to chap.
11.  Chip has no interest in that and likes it just the way it is.  This
business model could be applied to any small/medium sized lift served area
that drops out of the lift served business and does not have big mortgage
payments to make on land or buildings.  It isn't going to save more than a
handful of jobs, but it can preserve the spirit of skiing.  Perhaps we
might even see a modest revival of the ski culture of the 1930s before
lifts.  Candidates?  Whaleback NH (is it still in business?)  Looks short
but steep from I-89 and looks like enough surrounding land for a trail
system.  Bolton?  Magic?  Ascutney?  Burke?  Not wanting to bury the
bodies while they are still alive of course but these would all seem
decent candidates.

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