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>Current statments for Winter Storm Watches above 6,000 feet, say anywher
>from 8-24 inches of snow is possible throughout the Northern Rockies from
>Wyoming north to the Candian border.  Glacier National Park looks like it
>will get hit hard, so will the Bitterroot Mountain range.
>Jay I know you seem to have a pretty good view of the mountains from your
>town, would you mind giving any reports come Sunday morning or afternoon or
>whenever it stops?  Last year was the year Big Sky got 3 feet of snow in
>mid June and opened up a lift for a day or two.  Will they continue the
>tradition this year?

Tomorrow, the plan is to head out for some camping and hopefully some skiing
in an area we checked out a few weeks ago in the Pioneer Mountains.  The
campground is at around 7,000 feet, so maybe we'll see some snow even where
we camp.  Right now, it's 45 degrees here in town (3,560') and the rain has
started, so things look like they're coming together, but we'll have to see
what tomorrow brings.  The downside is that the weather may play havoc with
the ski conditions; if it just stays cool and we don't get much new snow
then the snow surface will be pretty firm.  On the other hand, we could get
some June powder turns, which would be a unique experience.  I'll send a
weather report if nothing else!


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