Peter Salts asked:

> How long and tight is the Pipeline?

It has a vertical drop of 1000 feet. I have not skied it. Mark Courville
told me that it is plenty wide enough, but plenty wide enough to him
probably means plenty tight enough to most people. He also said that it
starts at a reasonable 35-40 degrees but then steepens up to perhaps 45
degrees partway down, before mellowing out to 30-35 degrees at the

Dan Ellis asked:

>Some great pic's in the Greenland folder, looks fantastic. What time of the
>year where they taken ?

They were taken from late June until August in 2001. I have spent the
past three summers there, in the vicinity of Godthabsfjord. This fjord
outlets to the ocean at Nuuk, the capital city and largest city in
Greenland. I was studying the rocks there as geologist. I am not going
back this summer. I highly recommend a visit to Greenland. The weather
is generally pleasant in the summer, the scenery is spectacular, the
people are nice, you can hike for miles and mile over rocky hills along
the edge of the ice cap. The only downside is the black flies are
sometimes fierce.


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