Somewhat related - here's a link to an article this month in E-School News
concerning the Microsoft audit situation
( Apparantly
Microsoft is backing off a bit in their audit demands, but not before a fair
number of school districts have migrated over to Linux.

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As far as I know, there is not a K 12 Linux group but SLUG (small Linux
users group) is based in Burlington. They have a website but I forget
the url. Do a search in google for SLUG Vermont and you should find it.
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Mike Kanfer asks :

Does anyone know if there is a K12 Lunix user group in
the state or any Linux user group at all?

Well, there's

(1) BALUG : Burlington Area Users

(2) Champlain Valley Users Group at
    has some enthusiasts

(3) MacChamp : OS-X BSD's is a popular flavor of "non-Linux"
    linux :

(4) SLUG-VT : A couple of links ... and
    their mailing list at [log in to unmask]

(5) VAGUE : Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts (37 subscribers)

Not to mention "school-it" itself :)