What a hot, soggy and wonderful afternoon at the Brilyea Access at Dead
Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison Thursday. First, I spied an
awesome and cosmopolitan dragonfly, Spot-winged Glider. As I crouched in
the mud to watch her fly close, I noticed a Bog Copper landing nearby at my
face level. The underside of this butterfly is more appealing that any
underside you'll find in your favorite rock music video. It got much harder
to choose what to gawk at when an adult Bald Eagle flew overhead and
perched in a nearby white pine.

The other good news is that we may have the makings of a drawdown at
Brilyea this year. The impoundment about 3/4 mile southwest from the first
parking lot at Brilyea (through a metal gate and along a grassy access
road) is getting low. It could be a great place for shorebirds starting at
the end of the month. We'll have to check with refuge folks about this.

WARNING: Never before in all my years outdoors have I encountered deer
flies in numbers swarming at Brilyea Access on Thursday. I suspect it'll be
better in there once the weather breaks.

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