Any suggestions for a few hours of birding for an Ohio birder visiting Vermont?

Here are the particulars:  I will be staying in Middlebury, arriving
Thursday (8/1) evening and departing Monday or Tuesday morning.  Sometime
in there I hope to spend a few hours birding.  Best time would be on Friday
or Monday, as I will be pretty well tied up over the weekend.  The people
I'm with (family) are somewhat casual birders but are not able to do much
walking and do not have sufficient patience for an all-day birding
outing.  (Obviously they do not understand the finer things in life, but
there you are....)

My target bird for the area is Bicknell's Thrush, but I don't know what the
odds are at this time of year.  If there are good spots near Middlebury for
"driveby" birding, that would be great, as the family would be interested
enough to do this.  ("Near" in this case is within an hour's drive.)  If
that's not feasible, my alternate plan is to leave the family to other
amusements for part of a day, which means that I can drive for a couple of
hours and hike on my own.

If Bicknell's Thrush is a non-starter, suggestions for a birdy drive or
location in the Middlebury area would be welcome also.  No other real
target birds, as the avifauna in Ohio is not that different from Vermont's,
but a Black-billed Cuckoo would be nice.  And I will be scanning other
postings on Vermont Birds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to reply to
me directly at [log in to unmask]

Bill Heck