A male Tennessee Warbler was singing much of the afternoon (often from a
quaking aspen) at my local beaver pond south of Bartlett Hill in Plainfield
today (July 6). This isn't the first time I've bumped into the odd
Tennessee out of breeding range in spring or summer.

And since butterfly and dragonfly news has infiltrated VTBird, I might as
well add fireflies. Photuris fairchildi (sorry, no common names for these
critters -- at least yet) is flying and flashing in good numbers here in
Plainfield. He's a horizontal streaker with a quick series of 5 or 6
greenish pulses, with about a 2 second pause between displays. These
patterns vary with temperature, however, which makes these tough insects to
ID on the wing. A yellow flasher, Photinus ignitus, was flying in
Marshfield Tuesday night. He often flies relatively high and delivers a
single, short, yellow flash every four seconds or so.

Hey, since we're not up early as often for birds, we can stay up late for
fireflies. (Can't wait for the VTFirefly listserve.)

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