Hi all,

Michael Sweatman and I made a trip up to Moose and Yellow Bogs last Monday
July 8th and, in addition to stumbling across a spruce grouse and her
chicks as we crossed 105 in search of last year's black-backed woodpecker
nest (no luck on the nest) we did find a pair of rusty blackbirds on the
pond on South America Pond Road.  The object of our trip though, at which
we succeeded, was that I relocated the colony of nesting palm warblers in
the yellow bogs.  There were at least five singing males and  one bird
appeared to be carrying food as she slipped into a spruce thicket.  These
birds were there two years ago and I am pleased that they are still
there.  To find them, turn in at the Stone Bridge Road which turns off on
the left as you drive east a few miles east of Wenlock Crossing on 105
right where the big DC power line crosses 105 and follow that road four or
so miles, taking the left fork at the only Y until you come to a T
intersection.  Then turn around and go back south the way you came about a
hundred and fifty yards and look for a grassy area beside the road on the
left as you go south.  The grass gives on to the bog and some scrubby
spruce.  A tall white pine and a stand of taller spruce can be seen in the
background.  The palm warblers are all through the scrubby spruce.

As a follow on to that successful trip, Michael accompanied me this morning
as I did my third survey of Knapp Airport in Berlin.  Overlooking the
airport from the corner of the cemetery adjacent to the Blue Cross office
building we were delighted to find a total of seven upland sandpipers.  I
had seen five two weeks ago divided into a two and a threesome, but this
time both pairs appeared to have young birds with them as they foraged
along the runways.  One pair has a single offspring and the other appears
to have two.  Fortunately, although the airport had been mowed within the
last two weeks in violation of AOT's agreement with Audubon, it was
apparently done late enough that the young were fledged and off the nests
as, I believe, one of the nests at least was located about thirty yards
from the windsock on this runway within the area that has just been mowed.

Anyway, that is the most upsa's I've seen in one place in Vermont.

Ted Allen

Ted Allen
5 Allen Rowe
Montpelier, VT 05602