Hi, Jo-Ann:

 From the Dead Creek Goose Viewing Area on Route 17, drive west for 0.6
mile to the Brilyea Access Road on the left (immediately past the bridge
over Dead Creek). Drive the road (not quite a mile or so) until you come to
a parking lot on the right and a bridge if you were to continue driving.
During a drawdown, shorebirds can hang out in the large dammed impoundment
there. But also consider walking southwest from this parking lot (through a
metal gate) about 1 mile along a grassy access road to what can be a
shorebird bonanza on the left. (Look carefully to see birds woven into the
buttonbush roots.)

I haven't been there in a few weeks, so I'm not entirely sure where the
shorebirds are. But they can be anywhere along the Brilyea access if the
drawdown progresses well enough. Let's hope so.

By the way, I had a Lincoln's Sparrow singing in a field in Barre Town
today as I gawked at an awesome butterfly -- Coral Hairstreak.

Good luck with the shorebirds


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