A hot and muggy morning of birding had these results:

At Island Pond -

1 Common Loon
1 Yellow Warbler
Eastern Kingbirds
Tree and Barn Swallows

At Moose Bog -

2 Gray Jays
2 Black-Backed Woodpeckers
1 Blue-Headed Vireo
2 Yellow-Rumped Warblers (m&f)
1 Magnolia Warbler
1 Blackburnian Warbler
2 Black-Throated Green Warblers (m&f)
1 Swamp Sparrow
Several Golden-Crowned Kinglets
2 Common Ravens
1 Dark Eyed Junco - was sitting on a nest hidden in tall grass at the edge
of a clearing at a trail leading from rt. 105 before South America Pond
Rd.  It flew up from the ground in front of us flitting about aggitated in
a nearby tree.  We soon discovered a small nest with 4 eggs buried in the
grass right in front of us!  We backed off quickly as soon as we realized
what was going on.

A wild turkey was also seen on the way back to Burlington on I89 just past

--davy russell
burlington, vermont