12 nests as of July 7th.

As requested, an update regarding the Cliff Swallows:
Total known eggs: 19 hatched from nests # 1 - 5.
                       and 2 duds.

July 2nd:   The nestlings from nest #1, enclosed by
nest #8, moved into nest #8 which they shared with the
#8 builders while their parents continued to feed them.

July 3rd:   The parents of the nestlings moved into
nest #8 and guarded the nestlings for two days.
Forced from nest #8, the builders started nest #10.

July 4th:   The parents begin to narrow the entrance.

July 5th:   Both nestlings have fledged or fallen or
been pushed out.  The smallest one is on the lawn
and cannot fly.  It accepted just one mayfly from me.
  Nest #10 is abandoned, the owners have returned to
nest #8 and complete the narrowing of the entrance.
  By the end of the day, both nestlings from nest #5
have climbed or flown into nest #6 and stay there
through July 6th, leaving July 7th, but soon returning.
  One or more nestlings remain in both #3 and #4.
     Nest #7 was abandoned -- the entrance was built
too close to the wall to allow a clear flight path.
The builders are now constructing nest #9.
Construction also begins on nests #11 & #12.
  The individual adults can be identified by the shape
of their white forehead blazes.
But there are too many birds now!
Dave Hoag, Grand Isle, VT.