I spent the afternon of 7/7 at Dead Creek-Brilyea with Ted Murin & my
daughter, and saw some notable leps:

Cabbage White (10-15)
Bronze Copper (2) -- netted both of these beauties, illiciting oohs and
                     ahs from my 4-yr old girl!
Banded Hairstreak (1) -- roadkill, kept as specimen
Question Mark (1)
Little Wood-Satyr (1)
Dun Skipper (1)

Yesterday, 7/6, we were at Mt. Philo in Charlotte and saw:

Tiger Swallowtail sp. (1)
Cabbage White (10+)
Summer Azure (1)
Fritillary sp. (2) -- believe these were Gr. Spangled but poor binoc views
Crescent sp. (10+)
White Admiral (1)
Little Wood-Satyr (2)
Least Skipper (5)
European Skipper (10+)



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