How hot and humid was it Thursday? So hot that Eyed Browns (Satyrodes
eurydice) and European Skippers (Thymelicus lineola) were flying during a
brief cloudburst. I was drenched long before it began raining.

Even so, the wet-noodle day surveying in Addison County included two
butterflies -- Bronze Copper (Lycaena hyllus) and fresh Eastern Tailed Blue
(Everes comyntas) -- with undersides far more appealing than anything now
showing in the latest rock music videos.

It all came together at the Brilyea Access at Dead Creek Wildlife
Management Area in Addison. I spied a wonderful and cosmopolitan dragonfly,
Pantala hymenaea (Spot-winged Glider). And as I crouched in the mud to
watch her fly close, I noticed the Bog Copper landing nearby at face (and
camera) level. Snap - Voucher! It got much harder to choose what to gawk at
when an adult Bald Eagle flew overhead and perched in a nearby white pine.

WARNING: Never before in all my years outdoors have I encountered deer
flies in numbers swarming at Brilyea Access on Thursday. I was about to
abandon the place when the Pantala showed up. (I'll never abandon Pantala.)
Nearly every swing of the net included at least a half-dozen deer flies.  A
few passes of the net about my head gathered dozens. I suspect it'll be
better in there once the weather breaks.

Also of note was the most worn Question Mark (Polygonia interrigationis)
I've ever witnessed. That critter must at least 10 months old.

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