Great questions. Get out there as soon as you can. They are really flying now. My answers to your questions are below. Thanks. Kent

At 08:58 AM 7/30/2002 -0400, you wrote:

Is there a plan for anyone to do some blockbusting in this area this season?

Not this first season, but beginning next season we will have a team or two of block busters working the state...if funds allow of course.

Hopefully I can connect with Phil Ballou for some ID help.

Don't worry if you cannot ID them. If you leave ID a blank we can identify them by photo or collection that you make. This winter we will send a list of what specimens were what to all folks.

Question?   When revisiting a site do you still record all species seen even though species has be verified at that site on an earlier visit? 

Yes. On the site visit form you record all butterflies seen and those verified with photo or collection, even if you verfied them in a previous trip. The number of people with you observing, the total minutes in field and the number of each species you observe allows us to get relative abundance estimates.


As indicated on the web page sign up, I will cover the priority block #2 from the Manchester quadrangle map.  It is the same one I did for the Breeding Bird Atlas. 

Perfect. I don't have anyone listed for that area at all.
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