Dear Med-libbers,
Does anyone else out there have problems getting Cochrane Reviews to print?

I tried repeatedly today to print a copy of one of their Complete Reviews,
on two different pc's, and every time got the same error message that
"Internet Explorer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut

When I called their "support" staff, all I got was a run-around about how I
didn't have enough printer memory (Hello?  I was using Print Preview!) and
it wasn't their problem.

For this I am paying a hefty annual subscription? To tell my researchers
they can only read it online?

I haven't had this problem before today; has anyone else encountered
anything similar?  Would appreciate any advice!


J. Bruman, Library Manager
Natividad Medical Center
P.O. Box 81611, Salinas CA 93912-1611
831-758-3082 fax
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