Hi Medlibbers:

I am in need of 4 journal articles. We are subscribers to 2 of these,
however, the online archives either do not date back far enough, or full
text is not provided for the article in question.  Please let me know if
you can provide one or more of these, either for free or for a cap of $12
per article.  This is not a rush; early next week is fine.

Am J Psychiatry 1996 Sep 153(9):1219-21
Am J Psychiatry 1995 Jul 152970: 1084-6
J Clin Psychiatry 1998 59(4):199-200
Harv Rev Psychiatry 2001 Nov-Dec 9(6): 280-93

Thank you in advance,

Joanne M. Berger
Research Manager
International Medical News Group
Rockville, MD
(301) 816-8747
(301) 816-8738 (fax)
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