Thanks, Auburn, for bringing this to our group's attention.
Just want to add that there is "NO TYPICAL ANYONE".  Do you know typical
secretary or CEO or doctor, or lilbrarian, etc.?  I don't.  There is no
typical Americans or French or Russians, etc.  Some of us are fat, some of
us are skinny, some of us are tall, some of us are short, some of us are
pessimist, some of us are optimist.  Thanks God we are all different!

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I haven't seen this ad mentioned so I thought I'd bring it to your

In the most recent issue of Good Housekeeping, there is a full page ad
showing a woman from the back in a swimsuit and crouching on a diving
board.  The ad says "SHE'S NOT YOU'RE TYPICAL LIBRARIAN" in large
letters near the top.  Then in smaller print it says "Laura Sophiea, 46,
2001 World Champion Masters Triathlete, full-time librarian, mother of
three and loyal Mack's Earplugs user".  It goes on to advertise the

So once again the advertisers use the stereotype of the "typical
librarian" (whatever that is!).  If only they understood that there is
no such person!  We are a group of unique and diverse individuals who
all have lives, hobbies, interests, etc. away from our chosen
profession--just like any other group of professional people.

I would like to congratulate Laura Sophiea (I'm assuming she is a real
person and that the ad is true) on her accomplishments and point out
that I'm not aiming my comments at her.

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