Apparently, she's a school librarian. Here's an article about her from

Here's the library-related blurb (there had to be one!):

"How does she stay focused and so consistently on top?  Laura is a goal
setter and spreads this like a gospel.  As a Library Media Specialist at
Hart Middle School in Rochester, MI, she uses her Ironman achievements as a
tool to inspire her students.  She compares her training to their own study
habits, helping them set goals for school.  She brings her bike and helmet
in and includes bike and helmet safety in her talks with the students.  Her
office in the media center is covered with posters from various Ironman
races and the students are amazed at the distances of the race.

Laura's students, and their parents, are surprised when they realize that
she is much more than a "Marian, the Librarian," in The Music Man.  They
begin to see her as someone who trains and races big time in endurance
sports, has a family, and especially, as one who loves to work with kids."

Much more than a 'Marian the Librarian' indeed!

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I would like to congratulate Laura Sophiea (I'm assuming she is a real
person and that the ad is true) on her accomplishments and point out
that I'm not aiming my comments at her.