Well, I've held my keyboard at bay for over a month but I can't take it

Now that we've broached the subject of lousy pay, lousy benefits, and
did anyone else want to primal scream during Jacqueline Doyle's "A Job with
a View:
Perspectives from the Corporate Side of Health Care" Janet Doe Lecture in

I'd like to directly quote from the mounted Power Point Presentation but
it's not up yet.

Instead one must rely on memory.  A memory that recalls librarianship being
as a vocation complete with a contrast in definitions between a vocation and
a profession.

Well, I grew up in Westfield, New Jersey where the Protestant ministers all
had a calling
and low pay, although they all were provided very lovely homes to live in,
all expenses paid.
Being a corporate bedroom community everyone else had a profession,
comfortable salaries
and nice homes filled with pictures of the summer and winter vacations.
Professionals, I
was raised to believe, worked hard, had college degrees and got to eat out
at fancy restaurants.

Librarians used to be the high priests in their societies.  Medical
librarians used to be incredibly

How the @#$%^&&* did I end up getting classified as a nun?

Is anyone else out there as fed up as I am?

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