One thing I have recommended to other librarians is to play hard ball with
salary expectations, when possible, when looking for a job.  It has always
amazed me that employers always seem to find professional librarians willing
to work for the paltry salaries offered.  If enough people refuse the
position for salary reasons and if it stays vacant they usually cough up
some extra money.  If enough people did this it would gradually raise
everyone's salaries!

I turned down a job offer right out of graduate school because the salary
was too low and I told them that, and I must not have been the only one or
no one else had applied for the position because about a month later I saw
the job posted again with a higher starting salary.  I had already accepted
another position with an even better salary.

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>I know what you mean. I was going to apply for a position in northeastern
>Kansas at a public library. I did not ask, but they straightforwardly told
>me the HIGHEST salary anyone there had ever had was $18,000! Needless to
>say, I did not apply, as that was $10,000 less than what I was already
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>I was once offered a public librarian director's position in a small Maine
>town where the salary was so low that I asked where the 'manse' was. The
>Board of Trustees looked askance, and I explained that the only other
>profession where people were paid so a low salary were ministers and that
>they were provided with pleasant living quarters, so where were they going
>to house the librarian?
>Needless to say, they withdrew their job offer!
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