After reading Eris's post, I thought I'd post the reply I wrote to someone
who sent me a good reply to my orginal post on the usage of our degrees.
I'll include her orginal message with her name stripped out.
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To: Kevin Block <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Thursday, July 11, 2002 9:41 AM
Subject: RE: Chat: Another librarian ad

I see your point but I personally hate that alphabet soup stuff. I'm just
hoping that the older docs see me as more than a secretary! The younger doc
generation has (seems to anyway) much greater respect for the librarian than
the over 55 attending crowd. whats your experience?
My response:

I agree the younger docs do seem to have a better sense of our worth, but I
think a lot that has to do with the increasingly technical nature of our

I do know some people don't like to "show off" their degree, but other
professions, particularly other health care professions, use theirs. Why
must we be the exception. We get so little respect already, maybe if people
realized that some extra effort goes into becoming a librarian we would get
more respect.  Maybe doctors and others wouldn't look on us as secretaries
if they know we had Master's degrees. I believe part of the problem is
ourselves, many librarians seem to have an aversion to self-promotion, and
it must change if we are to improve our image, status, and salaries.

Kevin Block said:
        "One simple thing more of us should do is use our degree (MLS,
MS, MLIS) at
        the end of our names on our business correspondence and e-mail.
I know it
        can be a little pretentious, but every one is always surprised
when they
        find out you need a Master's degree to be a professional