Dear friends

I need your collective help once again. I have been asked to set up a meeting with the presidents of the 4 medical staffs connected to our 3 institutions (one staff is within another institution). The purpose is to propose a plan for library services for the next 5 years. Here is the situation. We have 2 hospitals one mile from each other (#1 and  #2)and one in a far Northern suburb(#3). Until recently, there has been a manager at hospital # 1 and I am the manager for hospitals #2 and 3 . 

We are planning to close both hospitals 1 & 2 and build a new hospital on the #2 site. This will take about 5 years. We have had an active library at both 1 & 2 and a reference library at # 3. However, #3 is expanding and is the up and coming site. In addition, they are opening a consumer health library and it looks like I may be asked to take that on as well.

Recently the manager for  library #1 left to the a new job. My task is to plan how to serve all sites well until the new hospital is built. I am interim manager for all sites right now.

I have the distinct feeling that my VP thinks we should be able to provide 
virtual service from one site . I disagree and hope to show that most multi-
site institutions have librarians at the other sites. If you have been through this or are staffing at more that one site, could you please tell me what you are doing and how it is going.

This is a complicated situation politically. I don't want to short change the other hospital just because we are moving to my site down the road.

Thanks in advance for your help. If I can answer any questions., please contact me.

Sharon Wochos
St. Mary's Hospital
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