Greetings, Birders:

First, many thanks to Wayne Scott and others among you who have offered
kind words about the debut of Birdwatching in Vermont, the new guide I've
co-authored with Ted Murin. Ted and I like the book a lot (and we're glad
it's done). Our publisher, University Press of New England, informs me that
the book is now available or will be soon at most bookstores, nature shops
and other locations.

I'll be doing quite a few talks/slide shows/book signings at book stores
and for Audubon groups in coming months. I'll probably list those events on
my web site soon. It'll be fun to get out and meet folks and share bird
stores. (Ted's moving on to bigger things and will take a pass on most of
the PR.)

Now, in more important news, I've just returned from a five-day
bird-and-butterfly-by-bicycle trip in the Northeast Kingdom. Lori and I
actually did much more pedaling than birding. But we did manage to bump
into two Boreal Chickadees and two Gray Jays at Moose Bog on Aug. 27. We
also stopped for a day on Aug. 28 to hike up Mt. Monadnock (3148 ft.) in
Leamington. At the summit was a nice flock of four or five Boreal
Chickadees. They behaved nothing like the shy Boreal Chickadees at Moose
Bog. They readily came in to spishing and perched for nice long looks on
exposed perches -- kind of like the behavior of their kin in the White
Mountains. Among them was a single Cape May Warbler -- probably an adult
female or a first-fall male. I didn't really notice many migratory flocks
of warblers yet, which was a bit surprising.

Off to see shorebirds at Plum Island.

Enjoy the weekend,

Bryan Pfeiffer

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